Free Samples

At, we offer a program whereby you can evaluate up to three sample items and then be refunded for the two items that you do not choose as your purchase item. Here is the procedure and the conditions:

Sample Order – Place your sample order, as you would any order, either online or by phone. Your sample order needs to be for three different items or finishes. You will be charged for these sample items at the normal price, plus shipping. A qualifying sample order can only consist of a maximum of three individual items. Any item with a retail value of $15.00 each or more does not qualify for our free sample offer. Also, switch plates, home accent items, and bath accessories are excluded from this offer

Sample Refund – To qualify for a sample order refund, your subsequent order must total a minimum value of $100.00, not including shipping or tax. When you place your order for $100.00 or more, please reference your sample order number in the comment box when checking out. If you phone your order in, please give your sample order number to the customer service rep. We will then refund to you the price of the two sample items that you did not use plus the shipping charge. A credit will either be applied to your final order or issued as a separate transaction. You do not need to return any samples to us.